Project management as a technique has increasingly become recognized as a factor of competitive advantage for companies in managing projects (Mathur et al. 2014). Managing projects for the successful completion is directly related to managing a huge amount of investment in the company as many companies allocate more money on construction projects. Thus the concept of project management will be the vital in successful project

management. The need to improve performance in the projects worldwide has become a top issue for the successful project. For instance, the UK construction industry initiated several calls in this regard (Simon (1944), Latham (1994) and Egan(1998). Despite the vast array of project management literature available, the complex question about the contribution of project management toward project success remains unanswered. To some extent, there is general agreement on the cornerstones of project success, whereas

on others there is massive disagreement (Cooke-Davies 2004). According to statics the huge amount of money is invested in construction projects. For

example in 2021 $7.3 trillion is construction budget with $14.5 trillion forecasted in 2030. (Statista). This figure greatly varies when it comes across the continents and nearly $450 billion construction investment in Africa and $370 billion on energy infrastructure (Africa business, accessed online). In Ethiopia, the house of people’s representatives approves 28% of the total budget of Ethiopia in 2015 E.C is a capital budget. (Ministry of Finance,


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